North Devon Animal Ambulance has said it will continue to serve the people and animals of the area as normally as possible during the coronavirus period.

The charity will be adhering to NHS guidelines but said Diana and Mick Lewis would continue to carry out animal rescues and collections, or temporary care while owners are hospitalised and for veterinary treatment.

People who are self-isolating will be asked to leave the animal properly caged, along with paperwork, at an address not under isolation.

The Special Care unit and the Misty Rehoming Unit will see all animals in their care looked after by volunteers on a rota basis.

The Welfare Clinic will be open on Tuesdays, but clients will be expected to follow NHS guidelines as requested.

In a statement the charity said: “We will do our very best to ensure that no animal goes without help and treatment when needed.

“There may be a longer wait at times for our assistance as we will be prioritising each case, but along with all veterinary practices in North Devon will will be working ensure the very best for animal welfare, regardless of however difficult times may become.”