There has been a huge outpouring of community in North Devon as the coronavirus outbreak promises to make life difficult for everyone but especially the elderly or vulnerable.

Numerous people have offered to help neighbours or the elderly in their areas and Highampton resident Annabelle Hanson has set up a Facebook page called ‘Help during covid-19’ to co-ordinate the effort, with people posting offers of help in their areas.

She said: “I work in the care industry and I know how isolated many people feel already without the coronavirus hanging over our heads and having to go deeper into isolation.

“So what I’m trying to do is get the whole of North Devon, and wider if I can, to come together as a community and help those who are either self-isolated, elderly and so on with either a chat down the phone, dropping a bit of shopping in, picking up prescriptions and such.”

A number of people have already posted on the group with offers of help. Visit the ‘Help during covid-19’ public Facebook if you’d like to help or need help yourself.

For coronavirus advice and what to do if you fall ill, visit .