Control your dog!

I am 11 years old and have, like lots of people, spent time on Instow Beach enjoying the sunny warm weather.

I have had lots of fun with other people’s dogs in the water with their tennis balls and had lots of conversations with very nice dog owners.

But why do some dog owners let their dogs run everywhere and on other people’s belongings on the beach?

On Sunday morning I was having a lovely time in the water while my mum was stood watching beside our bag, with my newly bought beach towel, shoes, etc, all neatly placed on a blanket.

Then a dog off lead ran over and urinated all over my new beach towel, while my mum who was only stood two feet away tried to shoo it away!

How disgusting, I thought. (We also had a couple of other near misses.)

We were told ‘Oh, sorry, could not get to the dog quick enough’ and was further told it ‘always’ did that and ‘should be kept on a lead’!

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If the owners knew this, why was it not under control and on a lead?

Other dog owners who had seen what had happened were not happy as they said it gives all dog owners a bad name – how true!

So we had to soak my towel in the sea to wash it out – but I did not have a towel to dry myself with once out of the water.

Miss C Bennett

Address supplied

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