Control your dog!

I live in Roundswell and have just come back from walking my dog.

Our walk was completely spoilt by another dog which was not on a lead, being “looked after” by children playing on the sports equipment on one of the play areas in Roundswell.

My dog is a boy, was a stray when we got him nine years ago, and is still nervous of other dogs nowadays.

Three times I had to get hold of this dog’s collar and I asked if the children would hold on to the dog till I was out of sight. Even when we were well along another footpath at the bottom of another turning the dog came running after us.

This time, fortunately, I shouted to it and it went back the way it had come.

If you are the owner of this liver and white spaniel, perhaps you can spare a thought for other dog owners – my dog was under control, but yours wasn’t!

Janice Plant

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