Consult on bus site

Ilfracombe's old bus station site.

Ilfracombe's old bus station site. - Credit: Archant

The cost to local community charge payers must be considered with the purchase of the former Ilfracombe bus station site – also the cost of any future proposals.

The present government, knowing that the future weighs heavily on community charge payers, has enforced a ‘nil increase’ on Devon County Council and North Devon Council over the past three years.

It is not for Ilfracombe Town Council to increase what they charge local ratepayers with projects.

Local community charge payers are struggling to pay household bills currently. Any increase to household budgets ‘hurts’.

This issue is all about ‘costs’. Residents want to know what the cost of the site and any following proposals will mean to them prior to proposals going ahead.

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Very important: there needs to be prior public consultation before decisions are made.

Mike Creek

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