Connect with council on Facebook

Ilfracombe Town Council moves on to social networking.

PEOPLE in Ilfracombe can now deal directly with their town council through Facebook.

The council has closed its website forum and launched its first Facebook page, which can be found at or by searching for Ilfracombe Town Council.

The site offers the chance for people to engage directly with the council by making posts and in turn the council will be able to respond as well as highlight issues and stories affecting the town. The official town council site will still be available at

Steve Seatherton, Ilfracombe Centre manager, said many customers had suggested the council go on to Facebook.

“One of the main reasons we have chosen it is due to the enormous numbers that regularly use Facebook,” he said.

“We are also hoping to reach people on a wider scale, for example attracting younger people in the community who already use Facebook, who might not have engaged with the council before our page was introduced.”

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