Lodge owners have raised concerns and say park should address issues such as flooding and rodents before considering expansion.

Residents of Bideford Bay Holiday Park have raised concerns over plans for nine new holiday lodges.

Residents Zack Cohen, Helen Heard and Elizabeth Maskell are currently locked in battle with park owners Park Resorts.

Flooding, unemptied bins, faulty lighting and ‘dangerous’ paths are some of the issues they have raised with management.

Both Zack and Helen have reported ‘serious’ falls due to broken handrails, and issues with finding rodents ‘chewing through’ the wooden chalet walls.

Torridge district councillor Robin Julian, who has offered the residents his support, said: “The drainage is a great concern here.

“You can see where the retaining walls are eroding; if one goes due to heavy rain it will just be a domino effect.

“If Park Resorts cannot address the issues already raised, how on earth can they consider future development?”

Park Resorts has submitted previous applications for the same site, which were rejected by Torridge District Council.

A spokesman for Park Resorts said: “Bideford Bay Holiday Park has put in a planning application to build nine new lodges on the park.

“The planning authorities will assess all elements of the application and make a decision accordingly.

“Unfortunately, until we know the outcome of the application we can’t comment any further.”