Compete or die...

With reference to the story “Supermarket plans come under fire” (Gazette, December 5), a few years ago workers were being squeezed for their wages and were being told it was a market economy and we had to compete, as our jobs were disappearing to third world countries.

We were told market forces were the only way to live in this bright new world.

While this was happening the business owners were smiling as they pushed up prices as our wages fell.

Now the boot is on the other foot and all the workers can hear is whingeing from the shop owners.

If the town centre shopkeepers cannot stand the heat then they should get out of their businesses.

Compete or die, I say. Bring on Asda, bring on Morrisons, and let the competition drive down our cost of living.

I also think we should watch the actions of the two councillors as they need to support their voters and not the capitalists.

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Mike Durrans

(via email)

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