A pair of drunken attackers have been ordered to pay compensation to two strangers who they attacked in a kebab shop queue.

Kaz Tee and Billy Butler dragged the two victims out of the fast food shop in the centre of Bideford and punched and kicked them on the pavement outside.

Parts of the violence were caught on CCTV and the attackers were detained by door staff after they fled from the police.

Tee, aged 23, of Barton Tors, Bideford, and Butler, aged 21, of Avon Road, Bideford, both admitted two offences of causing actual bodily harm.

Tee was jailed for four months and Butler for two, both suspended for 18 months by Recorder Jonathan Barnes at Exeter Crown Court on Friday (April 12).

Tee was ordered to do 150 hours unpaid community work and Butler 80 hours. Both were ordered to pay £500 each in compensation to the victims.

Mr Barnes told them: “Unprovoked street violence is treated very seriously by the courts. You have come very close to prison today.

“You both behaved in a pretty disgraceful way that evening.”

Kelly Scrivener, prosecuting, said the two victims were in the kebab shop on the night of October 14 last year when they were attacked without warning.

All they could remember was finding themselves on the ground outside with severe bruising to their faces.

Witnesses and CCTV showed Tee kicking one of them on the ground and Butler punching the other.

Both fled before police arrived but were tracked through the town by CCTV and ran off when approached by police.

They were both detained by door staff and handed over to police.

Both said they had been drinking and had little memory of what happened but one told police the victims had been ‘getting gobby’ in the kebab shop.

Richard Crabb, for Butler, and Rupert Taylor, for Tee, said they are both hard working young men who have no record of violence and acted out of character.

They are both capable of doing unpaid work and paying compensation.

Mr Crabb said the CCTV showed that Butler was not involved in the kicking.