Communism is not the answer

SIR – As one of many who fought for “King and Country” in the last conflict I found Mr Gidman’s letter (Gazette, February 23) extremely offensive.

He complains about the economics of our country and as a remedy decides to tell a named person of wealth what to do with his money. What a cheek!

The next solution is to call upon the services of the Communist Party of Great Britain to bring about an Egyptian style “revolution”.

I was serving in Berlin when that party erected a disgusting wall between the two halves of that city. Why? To prevent the proletariat from voting with their feet!

Mr Gidman needs to read Alexander Solzhenitsyn’s Gulag Archipelago to find out how Communism treats the “people”. Does he remember that famous Hungarian Joe Bugner arriving in this country having escaped the communist crackdown? Our country has many faults but they will be corrected without the help suggested.

Bob Jackson, Torrington

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