Common sense

SIR - I feel compelled to bore Gazette readers with more dreary comments regarding dog faeces. This appears to be a vehemently interesting subject for many.

I would like to raise the plight of those who actually own dogs. Those of us who pick up poo on the path or who let it fall down a nettle infested ravine in the darkness; those of us with common sense who do not verbally or physically threaten others while taking the dog for a walk.

This is a regular event on common land, of which I will remind others is to the exclusion of the dog poo act.

I would also like to put the rest the endless hysteria and dogma cited regarding Toxocaraisis. UK annual incidence is fewer than 10, all of which have been treatable for the past number of decades.

You stand more statistical chance of being blinded juggling bananas than you do of dog, cat or fox faeces blinding you.

You may also want to watch:

Any negligible risk is, in fact, technically exacerbated by the risk of hand-to-poo contact from increased picking up and opening of communal bins. Dog owners have enough hassle. Please find something else to bully, ostracise and complain about.

Name and address supplied.

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