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Even 51 per cent of UKIP voters support wind energy, a YouGov poll has found.

What is more, they would approve of the government providing bigger incentives to developers of wind farms.

The vociferous attacks on the Atlantic Array by high profile UKIP members in this paper do not even reflect the opinions of their membership and voters.

Either the likes of Stephen Crowther and Michael Pagram have no regard for the opinions of their membership or they are deluding themselves about the degree of opposition there is to this development.

It was interesting to note that on Wednesday, August 28, a grand total of three people turned up to their anti-Array demonstration in Woolacombe.

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If that is all they can manage out of Northern Devon’s population of around 160,000 feeling cannot be as polarised as they like to believe.

The YouGov poll released earlier this month [August] shows that the vast majority of people understand the need to utilise wind energy in gaining energy independence from Saudi oil and Russian gas.

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If 65 per cent of all people can see the need to invest more heavily in forms of energy that cannot be taken from us by foreign powers, why cannot the unholy alliance of UKIP and Conservative politicians in our community?

There will be a debate on the economics of wind energy in Bideford on Friday, September 27, and I would challenge Stephen Crowther and Michael Pagram to speak at that debate.

I ask only that they bring facts rather than opinion asserted as truth, and logic rather than hysterical reaction.

An open democracy needs both sides of an argument to be heard, but while mentioning the facts that support your case is reasonable, making up ridiculous and spurious claims and passing them off as fact is not.

If you have facts and verifiable information to present then come to the debate and let us hear the information that is important for decision-making.

If you haven’t got the confidence to take up this challenge, we will all know that even you do not believe your own claims.

Go to for more details about the debate and to take up my challenge to you!

James Craigie


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