Come and join morris

During the 1970s, there was a great revival of morris dancing in England.

Teams of young men were springing up all over the place, and the morris was seen as it should be: vigorous, energetic and exciting.

Those young men from the ’70s are still dancing the morris but, apart from in a few cases, there is nothing like the upsurge of interest from younger men that there was then.

Tarka Morris Men would gladly welcome men of 40 and under, although all ages are welcome, to come along and join us.

It’s fun, keeps you fit, and you’ll be doing your bit to preserve a great old English tradition.

We practise during the autumn and winter months, and in the summer we dance around the resorts and villages of the area.

The dancing is invariably followed in the pub by music and singing.

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Why not give it a try, by coming along to one of our practice nights at Bideford Amateur Athletic Club on a Tuesday evening, from 8pm, or you can get more details from me on 01237 476632.

And yes, we do sometimes get free beer!

John Blackburn


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