Phoebe, 16, almost misses parade after stopping to help injured man

Combe Martin's carnival queen turned Good Samaritan after an unexpected drama almost made her late for her own parade.

Phoebe Bradshaw, 16, and her family dropped everything to help when an elderly man fell near their house, suffering a suspected broken hip and collarbone.

The former Braunton Academy student, chosen as this year's carnival queen and ambassador, had just had her hair done at around 6pm when sister Lola said someone had fallen at Shackhayes opposite.

She joined mum Joanne and dad Rob to see if he was all right, but when they got there the man was in a great deal of pain. They were joined by her friend Jordan and another woman who lived nearby.

Phoebe stayed on the phone taking instructions from the ambulance service while the family did their best to help the casualty, who appeared to be in his 70s.

"I felt quite bad for him because I presumed he was going down to watch the carnival, but he was quite upset and obviously in pain," she said.

"He had quite a long wait on the floor in pain for the ambulance. I had to leave just before the ambulance arrived because I got a message from the carnival asking where I was."

Incredibly, Phoebe and her mum were also first on scene when PCSO Stephen Lewis was fatally injured in a collision near Combe Martin in July, with Joanne carrying out CPR in an attempt to save him.

Phoebe will be attending Ilfracombe Academy sixth form in September and hopes to join the navy.

Colin Bolsom, South Western Ambulance Service operations manager, said they would like to thank Phoebe for her help: "Phoebe remained calm and answered all the necessary questions to enable us to triage the patient effectively and there is no doubt she was of great comfort to the patient," he said.

"A paramedic in a car was on scene within 30 minutes and provided pain relief and care to the patient while an ambulance was en-route. There were some delays due to difficulties getting through carnival traffic.

"The patient was transported to North Devon District Hospital for further treatment."

Tracy Wheelock of Combe Martin Carnival Committee added: "She is certainly embodying the role and I do think it's absolutely wonderful she is representing the carnival to her full potential."