Exmoor Zoo has welcomed a colourful flock of flamingos for the summer.

The flamingos at Exmoor Zoo. Picture: AquabellaThe flamingos at Exmoor Zoo. Picture: Aquabella

The 11 flamingos – a mixture of Caribbean and Lesser species – have been getting acquainted with the their surroundings and have quickly made themselves at home.

With the moorland blessed with quality rain from the Atlantic, Exmoor is a very suitable place for the birds, which can paddle in the shallow, peat filtered, spring flowing water.

While the flock is only residing at the zoo temporarily for the summer, and maybe next summer too, it is hoped that Exmoor will eventually be able to permanently exhibit flamingos.

Exmoor Zoo trustee Danny Reynolds said: “With some additional shelter and the careful choice of location, out of the worst of the eventual winter winds, they have settled in well. Even to the extent that two of the mature cock birds in the flock have started to create their typical raised mud nests.

The flamingos at Exmoor Zoo. Picture: Brian LillyThe flamingos at Exmoor Zoo. Picture: Brian Lilly

“Flamingos are renowned for being able to stand on one leg and it was a genuine concern here that the Exmoor winds may have been able to blow them over!

“Here at the zoo they are fed a special diet that floats in water that they can filter. The diet may be boring but it is substantial and they have been thriving since their arrival. The flock make a distinctive and unique flamingo sound referred to as ‘nasal honking’!”