Cold forecast for North Devon over Easter - but the sun will come out

Icy roads

Icy roads - Credit: Getty Images/Hemera

The Met Office forecasts bitter winds to subside on Sunday and dry and bright days, despite temperatures staying low.

The snow in Brayford this morning (Weds). Pic: Darren Robins.

The snow in Brayford this morning (Weds). Pic: Darren Robins. - Credit: Archant

THE cold weather is here to stay for the Easter weekend, but it will stay dry and bright, say Met Office forecasters.

North Devon has so far escaped the heavy snow experienced by much of the country, though some areas did have a sprinkling of snow last night and this morning (Weds).

The Met Office predicts cold easterly winds will still prevail throughout the weekend, but will ease off a bit on Sunday.

Despite temperatures remaining at four of five degrees during the day, and frost nights, the sun is expected to come out.

Frank Saunders, Met Office chief forecaster, said: “The prospect of drier and brighter weather will be a welcome relief for many but the prolonged low temperatures will mean that any lying snow will be slow to thaw.

“This will maintain sharp night-time frosts and a risk of ice, and people should be aware of the potential for tricky driving conditions if they are travelling this weekend.”

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The weather currently looks to stay cold into next week, perhaps with some rain, sleet or snow affecting the extreme south-west of England at times.

For up to date weather forecasts visit the Met Office website.

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