A family on holiday at Clovelly received an unexpected delivery when they found themselves as impromptu midwives to a goat.

New mum Bubble the goat and her kid. Picture: Clare James/holidaycottages.co.ukNew mum Bubble the goat and her kid. Picture: Clare James/holidaycottages.co.uk

When Clare James booked her UK staycation at House Martin at the Retreat through holidaycottages.co.uk she was not expecting to become a 'kidwife' in a mini drama.

One of the novel features of the property is that guests can interact with the free-range goats that roam the grounds and owners Lesley and Carl Fry leave food out for holidaymakers to offer the friendly animals.

During the week of her stay with husband Steve and children Maisy and Lilly, Clare noticed that one of the goats - Bubbles - was very close to giving birth and had been checking on her every day.

She said: "One evening we could tell something was happening as gunk was coming out of her back end, so we went and got Lesley and Carl.

"We all sat there with her for about two hours whilst she was trying to push it out and Lesley was getting worried it shouldn't take as long as it was.

"I said I'd have a look and when I got over to Bubbles, I could see one hoof and the top of the kid's head, so I kind of gently pushed the head back in a little allowing for the nose to flick out and he slipped right out! It was truly amazing.

"I've always been interested in becoming a midwife and now even more so."

The family shared their summer holiday experience as an entry to the #HolidayFirsts competition run by holidaycottages.co.uk.

The campaign encourages holidaymakers to share special photos and videos of them doing something for the first time whilst on holiday for the chance to win one of 40 prizes, including a £500 holidaycottages.co.uk voucher.