Clovelly will be celebrating the ‘silver darlings’ once more for its annual Herring Festival next weekend.

Clovelly Herring FestivalClovelly Herring Festival

Held on Sunday, November 18, the village will be celebrating the nutritious fish and sustainable fishing, as well as hosting a new 3km fun run for North Devon Hospice.

The village always depended on the harvest of herring, caught in superb condition for a short season off this coast.

Records go back over 400 years and in 1749 there were about a hundred herring boats in the port.

When fishing was good, 9,000 herring could be landed at one time. These days Clovelly has just two herring fishermen, both employing sustainable fishing methods using only drift nets and long lines.

During the day there will be a chance to try herring dishes as well as learn about the history of this form of fishing and enjoy music and entertainment.

The North Devon Hospice 3km fun run will go along Hobby Drive. To take part visit