Clouding the issue

After reading Philip J Milton’s letter I feel compelled to reply to his capitalist overview (“‘Living wage’ is a Ponzi scheme”, Opinion, September 18).

He indeed does know what he is talking about in business terms, I have no doubt in that.

Philip seems to have clouded the issue, which was about zero-hour contracts.

I believe he would have and enjoy a casualised workforce if necessary.

Yes, back in the day this was the thing to have – a hungry workforce, queuing for a chance of eight hours’ work.

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But can we agree that pay, and more importantly conditions, should go up?

Are the business people in the UK hell bent on bringing conditions down?

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His only words in his letter are that “‘zero hour’ contracts are in the minority”, which alludes to the fact that it is happening.

Are you advocating a lack of rights, Mr Milton? Do the working classes have to forego their rights because it is going to fit the new way of capitalist politics?

Zero-hour contracts have no place in Great Britain. It’s a loophole system that is extremely exploitative and shows the worst sort of business plan.

Businesses are meant to progress. To progress means to move forward not backward.

If you are not taking that mantra on board with your workforce, what does that say about you?

Paul Curtis



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