Cllr Ley’s dedication

I would like to pay public tribute to Councillor Ron Ley of Ilfracombe Town Council for his leadership of the Neighbourhood Community Budget programme.

Countless hundreds of hours have been spent in meetings to set up One Ilfracombe, a not-for-profit company that aims to deliver better services with an ever-decreasing budget, and to give the community more say in how they want those services delivered.

Cllr Ley’s vision and strong leadership has motivated town councillors, members of ITC staff, as well as staff and volunteers from many partner agencies, to commit over 100 per cent in the recent 15 months to this programme.

This has required an enormous input of time and energies, and Cllr Ley has been unrelenting in his dedication.

Although focus has been on these extraordinary 15 months, this programme has been built on the foundation of Ilfracombe Town Council’s Strategic Plan – for which, again, we owe much to Cllr Ley’s drive and commitment.

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