An environmental campaigner has conducted his own one man lament on climate change in the centre of Barnstaple.

Jeremy Bell from Appledore wore sackcloth and stood before an installation in the Square on Tuesday, July 23 to recite his own poem condemning climate change.

You can watch the video of Mr Bell reciting his lament here.

Mr Bell described it as 'an Iron Age lament' and said: "The purpose is to draw peoples' attention and highlight the urgency of the climate challenge.

"But also it's to get people thinking about what can be done, but that won't happen until people face up to this and the message gets to their heart."

Mr Bell spent some time at the Square reciting his work and also talking to passers-by.

He added: "They are aware and they came up and said 'good for you'.

"If you still don't believe that climate change is happening, take a map of the world from 1850 and compare it to one from 2000, compare the amount of forest and jungle, the amount of desert and in particular the amount covered in concrete towns and cities."

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