The Chulmleigh Primary School community is mourning the sudden loss of a popular teacher.

Vicki Tucker, a Year 6 teacher at the school, died suddenly and unexpectedly on Friday, April 24.

Paying tribute, Lully Newman, head of Chulmleigh Primary School, said: “Vicki was a very dear friend and colleague; she was a dedicated and outstanding teacher who was highly regarded by both staff and pupils at Chulmleigh Primary School.

“Her passion for teaching was evident and she would leave no stone unturned to ensure the children she taught made progress.

“Vicki possessed a remarkable wealth of knowledge of teaching, and English in particular. She inspired a love of learning in the children she taught and the staff she worked with.

Vicki originally came from North Devon and made the move back tot eh area almost three years ago, having been a deputy head at her previous school.

Ms Newman added: “From the very first day at Chulmleigh Primary School, she demonstrated the same unflappable, down to earth professionalism which had secured her previous leadership post.

“As her husband said, she always put everyone before herself, and teaching ahead of anything else. She was an invaluable member of staff whose advice and counsel was sought by many. Vicki played a huge part in our Chulmleigh family and she will be missed by all of us.

“I should like to thank parents for the way they have responded with dignity, kindness and love, in the face of this tragedy. We will work as hard as we are able to support every child affected by this.

“We wish Vicki’s husband John along with the rest of her family, our collective condolences and deepest sympathy.”

She said Vicki’s friends and colleagues would think about how to mark Vicki’s life when they had an opportunity to meet and discuss it.