Chivenor Scouts in fund raising success

Troop is able to buy life-saving Aquabox to help people in disaster areas.

A local scout group has been busy fund raising to help people in a disaster zone by purchasing an Aquabox.

The 1st Chivenor Scouts have raised enough money to buy one of the life-saving boxes and fill it with things that will help ensure the survival of a family somewhere in the world following a natural disaster.

The 34 scouts and four young leaders in the troop started fund raising as part of their Global Challenge badge to find out more about international issues and to get involved in some way.

Scout leader Darren Smith said he was proud of the huge achievement by the 1st Chivenor Scouts that has enabled them to buy an Aquabox.

The box itself is a plastic tank that purifies polluted or dirty water ready for drinking and they are shipped out by the Aquabox charity filled with all manner of useful items from children’s toys to tarpaulins and building trowels.

Each can be used to purify up to 1,100 litres of polluted water, enough to last a family of four around four months. Find out more at

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