Children will be in charge at Ilfracombe

The pupils voted in as councillors for the day, along with Ron Ley and the Mayor Lynda Courtnadge pl

The pupils voted in as councillors for the day, along with Ron Ley and the Mayor Lynda Courtnadge plus her consort, Richard Courtnadge. - Credit: Archant

Town gears up for national Takeover Day as junior school pupils are ‘elected’ to the council for a day.

ILFRACOMBE will be run by 10-year-olds on Friday as the children of the town take charge for a day.

As part of the national Takeover Day event, Year 6 pupils at Ilfracombe Church of England Junior School have elected 11 councillors, including a mayor and deputy mayor, and will be running a town council meeting while the adults take a back seat.

Takeover Day is held annually, led by the Children’s Commissioner for England. It offers children and young people the chance to take over adult jobs for the day and gain valuable experience in the work place.

One Ilfracombe has organised the event in the town, working with the council and school.

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“We are all looking forward to spending the day with these young people - they made some fantastic suggestions during their election campaigning and we can learn much from them,” said One Ilfracombe chairman and town councillor Ron Ley.

The Mayor, Councillor Lynda Courtnadge, said she had been particularly impressed at the public presentations the children had made while ‘campaigning’ for mayor and their views on the town.

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Maggie Foster, senior leader at Ilfracombe Church of England Junior School, said children of all ages would be taking over adult roles in the school too: “Last year was a huge success with children planning and teaching lessons, running lunchtime activities and leading meetings.

“This year we are excited about how the project is developing with wider community links and extended responsibilities for some of our older children.”

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