Children help with speeding campaign

CHILDREN from the local school have been giving the police some helping hands in addressing concerns of speeding and anti-social driving on roads around Lake and Tawstock.

The youngsters from Holywell Primary School gathered with police officers at the roadside to try their hands with speed guns and to stop and talk with passing motorists about the issues.

PC Richard Preston, Neighbourhood Beat Manager for Sticklepath, Roundswell, Lake and Tawstock and PCSO Tony Charles joined the children on their early-morning venture.

PC Preston said the issue was one which had been raised by local residents with their councillors as one of their biggest concerns.

While drivers might not always be exceeding speed limits, there was concern that some were driving too fast for the rural roads and conditions, he said.

Police had been monitoring the situation and traffic cars had been using the area as a priority route. The children were now re-inforcing the message and using this as part of an in-school project, said PC Preston.

Head teacher Chris Grieve said this was part of the children working with the community, becoming aware of their local area and building links with the police.

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Parents had also spoken to her of their concerns about driving in the area, she said.

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