Book tackling issues from bed-wetting to picky eating is out now

A retired social worker has used her spare time to pen a book for parents.

Virginia Hobart from South Molton has written Children Behave: A Practical Guide for Parents using her 45 years in social work as inspiration.

Virginia hopes her new book will prepare parents for family life, understand and respond to children’s behaviour.

She said: “No one else knows, cares, thinks or worries about their children as much as [parents] do, and it is the intention of this book to help you become experts in your own child care.”

Virginia uses her experience of working with children, including in Devon County Council’s children and families department, and uses it to help parents deal with a range of subjects.

The Practical Guide for Parents tackles subjects such as bed-time, divorce and separation, mobile phones, pets and picky eaters.

Children Behave, by Virginia Hobart is published by Stirling Bridge, and is available at Walter Henry’s Bookshop, Bideford and on Amazon.