‘Cherry picking’ from the Bible

SIR - If Mr Tony Olsson would like to come off his soap box for a minute and read the rest of the Bible it also states in there:

“And it shall come to pass in the last days, saith God, I will pour out of My Spirit upon all flesh:

And your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, And your young men shall see visions, And your old men shall dream dreams; And on My servants and on My handmaidens, I will pour out in those days of My Spirit; And they shall prophesy”. Acts 2:17-18

It baffles me that various religions ‘cherry pick’ from the Bible the parts that suit them best in terms of ‘guiding/controlling people.’ but what worries me more is why so many people are happy to be led like sheep instead of getting an informed opinion and building their own belief system.

At the Lighthouse meetings we don’t ‘preach,’ we try to empower people to believe in what feels right for them, we offer healing, a listening ear, and advocate kindness and compassion for all.

Susan Roberts.

North Devon

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