Barnstaple-based charity Amigos is looking to create 14 new farming groups in Uganda this year.

Barnstaple-based charity Amigos has big plans to expand its work in Uganda this year.

Amigos is going to create 14 new farming groups across Uganda, inspired by the success of the farming groups the charity is already running in the country.

“Nine out of ten households in northern Uganda depend on farming to survive, however 46 per cent of the population don’t have enough to eat to meet their calorific needs,” said Phil Puglsey, Amigos CEO.

Traditional methods of farming, which include techniques such as slash and burn, result in low productivity, cause soil erosion and reduce crop yields year-on-year.

Amigos teaches conservation farming techniques which result in crop yields four times greater than traditional methods.

“It’s a huge increase for these farmers who are barely surviving,” said Phil.

“Imagine if you went to the supermarket, spent the usual amount, and came out with four times as much food – you’d be blown away.”

Amigos has chosen to respond to the community’s demand for more groups and will roll out 14 new groups in 2015.

Within two years this project will have improved the lives of at least 300 farmers and their households – totalling 2,400 people.

If you would like to donate to the Amigos farming group go to, or contact or call 01271 377664.