Barnstaple engineer to take on 100-mile race with his two stepsons.

A Barnstaple engineer and his two stepsons are gearing up for the Ride 100 London cycle race.

Alan Pocock, 54, will be joined on the starting line by Dean Smithers, 28, and Ian Garrett, 32, as the team look to raise a large sum of money for nursing home charity Sue Ryder.

Alan started cycling three years ago as a way to lose weight and has now caught the cycling bug.

“I’ve done several 50-mile events and decided this year to do a 100 for Sue Ryder,” he said.

“I’ve done a couple of other races for the British Heart Foundation, but I want to do my bit for every charity I can and Sue Ryder seems a good cause.”

The trio have been training hard for the August 2 race, with Alan setting himself an interesting fundraising target.

“I’d love to raise £1 for every mile I’ve done in training, which would be several thousand,” he said.

“But we just want to raise as much as possible between us.”

And Dean admitted he’s looking forward to the competition with his family.

“We wanted to follow suit really and we definitely don’t want to get outdone,” he said.

“It’s certainly competitive between us and I’m really looking forward to it.”

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