Changes to blood donor sessions across North Devon


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Donors may have to travel further or give blood less frequently from Autumn this year.

BLOOD donors in North Devon may have to travel further and donate less frequently, according to new changes planned for later this year.

NHS Blood and Transplant will be making changes to when and where it collects blood in North Devon starting this autumn.

The service is still encouraging existing donors to continue giving blood despite the changes.

Peter Taylor, regional operations manager for NHS Blood and Transplant, said blood donors in the region were still extremely important.

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He said: “Like any organisation that receives money from the public purse, we have a responsibility to deliver our services as efficiently and effectively as possible so that more money is available to spend on frontline patient care. “We work closely with hospitals so that we plan to collect only what patients need.

“By making some changes to our session timetables and where we hold our sessions we will be able to run a more efficient service, while still meeting the needs of patients.

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“We hope that donors will continue to give blood as their donations save lives.

“However, we understand that some donors may decide to stop donating, as it may become less convenient for them to give blood.

“If they choose to do so, we would like to thank them for all the lives they have helped save already and all the time they have given up to donate blood.”

Anyone aged 17 or over and in generally good health can give blood.

For more information contact NHS Blood and Transplant on 0300 1232323 or visit:

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