The Chancellor is paying a visit to Appledore Shipyard this morning (Friday) to announce, among other things, improvements to A361 Link Road.

Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne is visiting Appledore Shipyard this morning (Friday) to make a number of announcements.

Mr Osborne, who last visited North Devon in April, will be setting out the Government's plan to tell the people of the South West they 'will no longer be forgotten or ignored by politicians in Westminster'.

As part of a day long tour to the region the Chancellor is expected to comit to major road upgrades and improvements, including the A361 North Devon Link Road.

He will also be talking about devolving new powers to the South West and talking about the Right to Buy scheme.

Ahead of the visit, Mr Osborne said: "For too long the South West has been neglected by governments in London. I'm here to tell you: not any more.

"The people of the South West have given this government a major vote of confidence which means I now come with a simple message.

"We will back the working people of the South West at every single stage of their lives. We will attract the jobs, make the investments and bring the prosperity.

"The South West has put your faith in us and we will repay that faith."

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