A trial scheme that solved the rush-hour congestion at Barnstaple’s Cedars Roundabout will not be made permanent.

The roundabout in Roundswell is affected by traffic congestion, delays on the A3125 to the east of the junction and access from Fremington and Bickington to alternative main road routes.

In a meeting on Wednesday (September 11), Devon County Council's cabinet heard the congestion means journeys of just three miles take over an hour. A trial earlier this year which saw temporary traffic lights put on the A3125 from Roundswell improved traffic flows.

But the cabinet recommended the scheme proposed for Cedars Roundabout should not be progressed as a priority and instead it just be included in a future pipeline of projects.

Cllr Frank Biederman, who represents the Fremington Rural ward, said that the decision was devastating and a smack in the teeth.

A trial earlier this year saw journey times between Tews Lane and the Wrey Arms reduced by around 15 minutes, with it also being slightly quicker for traffic coming from Roundswell,

The traffic lights operated between 7.30am and 9.00am, holding up A3125 traffic and introducing gaps for traffic from the Bickington B3233 traffic to enter the roundabout.

Speaking at Wednesday's cabinet meeting, Cllr Biederman said: "I am staggered that a cheap scheme that solved the problem is both directions isn't getting support.

"At the moment, it takes an hour for children to travel three miles to school. The environment there with all the traffic queues and houses either side of the road is dreadful, and it has a huge impact on the economy due to the gridlock."

Cllr Biederman said that while the concern was that solving the traffic flows issues in one direction could cause problems elsewhere, it didn't, with it improving the flow in both directions, so it was a win-win for the area.

He added: "It was the cheapest scheme of eight suggested as well, so I find this a smack in the teeth.

"I just beg for you to reconsider this for those children who are sitting on the bus for hour to travel three miles and the wider community as well. I am staggered that a cheap scheme that solved the problem is both directions isn't getting support, so I urge you to review this."

Despite the North Devon HATOC recommendation that in view of the success of the experimental trial and identified benefits to mitigate current heavy congestion and poor air quality, the Cedars Junction scheme be progressed, the cabinet recommended the scheme is not progressed.

Cllr Alan Connett, leader of the Liberal Democrat Group, said it was a disappointing outcome.