Plans to solve rush-hour congestion at Barnstaple’s Cedars Roundabout may never get the go-ahead – despite a trial of an improvement scheme being hailed a success.

North Devon Highways and Traffic Orders Committee agreed to push forward with proposals to improve traffic flow at the notorious roundabout at a meeting on Thursday, despite warnings it may not get approved by Devon County Council (DCC).

As well as putting proposals for roundabout improvements to DCC's cabinet, the committee also agreed to bring a proposal to widen a stretch of the A3125 between Sainsbury's and the A39 roundabout to help traffic flow from Roundswell.

However, despite a February trial of the scheme being deemed a success, the £300,000 project might not get the go-ahead.

DCC's James Anstee told the committee: "We could go ahead with the scheme now but it has to go through cabinet. It is one piece of a bigger picture.

"It all comes down to what happens with the Larkbear development and that's one of the reasons why we would be reluctant to jump ahead on one piece of the picture."

The plans, which would see a staggered signal-controlled pedestrian crossing put on the A3125 from Roundswell, were agreed in principal by the committee back in 2017, subject to the scheme being tested.

The crossing would operate 'with or without pedestrian demand' during 7.30am and 9.00am, holding up traffic coming from Roundswell to free up the roundabout for traffic approaching from Bickington.

Data taken from the trial showed that journey times between Tews Lane and the Wrey Arms were reduced by as much as 15 minutes as a result of the temporary traffic lights, as well as proving slightly quicker for traffic coming from Roundswell.

Fremington councillor Frank Biederman said work on bringing the plans to fruition should go ahead.

"We have children sat on buses for an hour each day to travel three miles," said Cllr Biederman.

"There were eight options originally on the table about how we could manage this and the cheapest option was actually the best.

"We've got it here proved to work, yet we are quibbling over it."

He added: "This has been dragging on since 2013. It's taken an incredibly long time to get this done. Here we are six years later talking about how we're going to do it and it works. Let's crack on."