A lady from Derbyshire has returned to North Devon to thank the RNLI lifeboat crew who rescued her.

Maureen Anderson visited Appledore RNLI to say a personal thank you to the volunteer crew who helped her back to the mainland from Lundy Island more than two years ago.

Maureen was visiting Lundy in February 2018 when she fell down stairs at Castle Keep, breaking her femur.

The volunteer Appledore crew was requested by the Coastguard at 4.45pm for a medical evacuation from the island as weather conditions meant the coastguard rescue helicopter was unable to take off.

The lifeboat battled rough seas on the way to the island, with gale force winds and swells of up to six metres.

Despite not being able to see more than 100 metres ahead in places, the crew arrived at Lundy at 6pm.

With the helicopter stood down due to the weather conditions, Owen Atkinson, Simon McCarthy and Natalie Simmons went ashore to assist Maureen and prepare her for her journey down the island and to the lifeboat for a rough ride back to the mainland.

The sea level meant the crew took Maureen back to Ilfracombe, and they arrived at 10.25pm for her to be taken to hospital. The crew returned to Appledore at 12.45am – eight hours after launching.

Maureen had a spell at North Devon District Hospital before being transferred back to Derby, and she has battled for some two years to achieve her current mobility. She still finds it difficult to walk any great distance and uses a single crutch.

Maureen made the stop at Appledore on the way back from a short holiday, and said thank you to five of the lifeboat crew who came to rescue her that day.

She expressed her gratitude to the crew for their efforts in bringing her back safely from Lundy, and spent an hour and a half at the station having a socially distanced chat with the crew.

Owen Atkinson, Appledore RNLI mechanic and casualty carer said: “It is so nice to receive follow up about how a casualty gets on after we have helped them, and really good to see Maureen back on her feet, enjoying life.

“Fortunately for Maureen, with a westerly wind, although gale force, we had a following sea to Ilfracombe and were not cutting straight into the waves, making conditions a little easier for her.”