Police saw a small increase in thefts from vehicles in North Devon beauty spots during Easter bank holiday weekend.

Car owners are being urged to keep their vehicles and valuables safe during the bank holiday.

Police have seen a slight increase in theft from vehicles at beauty spots over the Easter bank holiday weekend.

But with the holiday season approaching, Sergeant Sally Ferris is urging people to help prevent these thefts.

She is urging motorists to not leave anything valuable on display, and to take any valuables with you.

She said: "The old trick of 'hiding' items in the boot or under the seat doesn't always work. Thieves know the tricks.

"Even simple things like leaving the sat nav bracket on the windscreen - you are advertising you have that item in your car.

"Charging leads for IT, cases for DVD players - again advertising you have those items in that car.

"Take them down, place them in a lockable glove box or take them out of the car and leave them locked in your accommodation.

"I know it is the last thing you want to worry about when you are on a lovely holiday, but we hope that by just giving yourself that 30 second checks that you will go home with all your belongings and take happy memories of your time in Devon and not unhappy ones."