A pair of small time cannabis dealers were caught because they looked shifty when they were passed by a police patrol car.

The two officers noticed that both men pulled their hoods over their heads and tried to look away as they passed their car in Bideford.

Their suspicions were concerned when they stopped the pair and found that their car reeked of skunk cannabis and one of them had wraps of the drug in his underwear.

The driver was Craig Raymont, who did not have any drugs on him, and the passenger was his friend Joshua Tripp, who had £140 worth of cannabis and £535 cash.

Raymont, aged 26, of The Mount, Appledore, admitted supplying cannabis and Tripp, aged 25, of Myrtle Grove, Bideford, admitted possession of cannabis with intent to supply.

They were both jailed for six months, suspended for a year and ordered to pay £500 costs and do ten hours of rehabilitation activities by Recorder Mr Roger Harris at Exeter Crown Court.

He told them: "There is no suggestion you represent any danger to the public and neither of you have any history of failure to comply with court orders. You have either reduced or stopped your use of cannabis and have no previous convictions."

Miss Felicity Payne, prosecuting, said police on mobile patrol in Pitt Lane, Bideford, spotted a car with the two defendants in it at 10am on December 19 last year.

She said: "The police described them as having their hoods up and hiding their faces as they passed. They attempted to stop the vehicle and initially it continued driving.

"The passenger was seen to lean across and the police thought he was trying to conceal something. They were stopped and when the officers got to the car they noticed a strong smell of cannabis.

"There was a search at the roadside and during a full search back at the station, wraps fell from Tripp's underwear."

He had eight wraps with a street value of £140. He had £535 cash and a search of his home led to the seizure of 4.4 grams of cannabis resin with a potential value of £240.

Mr Richard Crabb and Miss Hollie Gilbery, defending, said both men became involved at a very low level because of their own cannabis use.

Raymont has reduced his use while Tripp has given up altogether and they are now both in full time employment and determined to stay out of trouble.