An Ilfracombe cannabis dealer who kept a list of his customers on a white board at his home has been ordered to tackle his own drug problem.

George Gill made thousands of pounds out of selling cannabis in North Devon and police caught him with £1,900 of the drug and £863.49 cash when they raided his home.

They also found notes and a whiteboard on which he kept a 'tick list' of how much he was owed by at least 13 customers which added up to £5,365. He was dealing to fund his own heroin and cannabis habit.

Gill, aged 27, of Coronation Terrace, denied being concerned in the supply of cannabis and possession with intent to supply but was convicted at a trial at Exeter Crown Court last month.

He claimed all the drugs were for his own use even there was enough cannabis to leave him in a semi stupor for months. He said the lists showed money he owed to other dealers.

He was jailed for a year, suspended for 18 months and ordered to receive a year's drug rehabilitation and 20 days supervision by Recorder Emma Zeb.

She told him: "Your offending was linked to your own substance misuse. You had an operational and management function in a chain of supply and some understanding of the scale of the operation."

During a short trial the jury heard how police raided Gill's girlfriend's flat in Ilfracombe High Street, on April 4, 2017 and seized an Asda bag containing 189 grams of the drug which was worth between £1,260 and £1,900.

His former flat at Oxford Grove was raided and police found £805 in a Quality Street box and £58 in small change. There was a whiteboard and hand written lists of customers who owed him at least £5,365.

There were also texts on his phone which suggested he had been drug dealing for about a month.

Hollie Gilbery, defending, said Gill's life has changed a great deal since he was arrested in April 2017 and he is now living in supported accommodation and is motivated to address his drug issues.

He had received a positive assessment from the drug and alcohol service in North Devon which is now called Together, which recommended him as suitable for a drug rehabilitation requirement.