A Barnstaple cancer survivor has lost six stone in a year thanks to Weight Watchers.

In 2016, Caroline Gorvin was diagnosed with cancer. At the time she weighed 17.5 stone but the chemotherapy caused her to gain an extra 2.5 stone.

Having lost her hair from the treatment and bloated from the steroids, Caroline, 53, sought a change, so she found her local Weight Watchers online and went along.

She said: “I thought ‘I don’t want to feel like this anymore. I wanted to do it. I knew I hit a crossroads in my life, I was either going to go down or go up. I thought this would be where it would start and it did.”

Before her first meeting, Caroline admitted feeling apprehensive.

She said: “I did feel nervous, I must admit. I stood outside the door thinking ‘should I go in or not?’ but there was a lady there that joined the same day, we went in together. As soon as we went in we were made to feel welcome. It took the edge off it completely.”

A year later and Caroline has lost almost six stone. She said: “It’s life changing. It’s got to be something you want to do but once you take that first step, your coach, the people you go with, the members they help you to take the next step.

“I loved it. I couldn’t wait for next Tuesday to come round.”

The loss has led to a huge boost in confidence and Caroline is now working towards her wedding in December.

Laura Manley is Caroline’s coach and she explained the ethos behind Weight Watchers: “It’s not just about the food anymore, there are three basic pillars. There’s food, mindset and movement.

“It’s about finding what exercise you enjoy. For Caroline and I, our favourite exercise is shopping. I don’t like running but I like walking when I’m shopping so it’s all about finding something that you enjoy doing.”

The group doesn’t set goals, preferring to focus on reaching a healthy BMI.

Laura said: “We get them to their healthy BMI and within that we get each member to set mini goals. Some people do a dress size, some people do half a stone at a time. They’re small and achievable. Long term goals are brilliant but if you’ve got four, five, six stone to lose that’s a long time.”

Caroline is now a volunteer at three groups in the area and is aiming to lose more weight before her wedding to fiancé John Habbishow in December.