A terminally ill cancer nurse who crowdfunded nearly £100,000 for urgent treatment has been told she is in remission.

Laura Harris, 42, from Barnstaple, has stage four bowel cancer and after developing an infection she thought things had taken a turn for the worse.

But what she thought was going to be the worst possible news actually turned out to be positive.

“When we got the results I had been hospitalised for an infection for a few days, and they did a scan,” said Laura.

“I thought it was progressing I was sat there expecting the worst, that it had spread to my liver there was nothing they could do.

Laura Harris. Picture: ContributedLaura Harris. Picture: Contributed

“But they came back with great results. I never thought this would happen in a million years.”

Laura’s scans revealed there was no active cancer in her body, and now she will remain on the treatment for as long as it continues to work.

Initially Laura started on Bevacizumab treatment and chemotherapy, but the chemo drugs were not working.

So instead she switched to Lonsurf, which is a chemotherapy not available on the NHS, which she managed to get funded by the Cancer Drugs Fund.

Laura HarrisLaura Harris

She said: “I absolutely am making the best of the time people have provided me through donating.

“They have brought me the extra opportunity of having time with my children, my family and my husband.

“We are going to do as many thing as we can and make the best of having another summer together.”

Laura’s crowdfunding appeal now stands at just shy of £100,000, which she hopes will allow her to continue treatment for a couple of years.

Laura Harris is sharing her experience of bowel cancer for Bowel Cancer Awareness Month.Laura Harris is sharing her experience of bowel cancer for Bowel Cancer Awareness Month.

Now Laura, who was born in the States, and her family are saving for a trip to America.

Laura also hopes that she will be able to take a trip to Iceland with her husband Paul to see the Northern Lights and experience bathing in a thermal spring.

She added: “Right now I am feeling good, but the treatment comes with a lot of side effects.

“The news is brilliant but the side effects are very difficult, it makes me very sick.

“It’s a struggle but knowing the results are so good inspires me to carry on.”

You can continue to donate to Laura’s crowdfunding appeal for her life-extending treatment here.