Can you take on strong man?

Cash prize up for grabs at Big Sheep’s superhero day if you can compete with the ‘Mighty Smith’.

THERE’S a £1,000 prize up for grabs at the Big Sheep on Sunday for anyone who can match up to the three times winner of the UK’s Strongest Man Competition.

Adrian Smith, aka Mighty Smith, who also came 5th in the World’s Strongest Man, will be flexing his muscles during shows at 1pm and 3pm.

Mighty Smith, boasting 20 inch biceps and a 54 inch chest, will entertain visitors with feats such as bending nails with his teeth and pulling a vehicle.

Anyone who can perform the same feats of strength in the open challenge will also have a chance to get their hands on a cash prize.

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For the younger visitors, there will be a children’s tug o’ war, and everyone who visits the attraction dressed as a superhero will be able to enter for free.

Nicola Hall, who is organising the events, said: “Every child has their own personal superhero and every adult has their own childhood superhero so we thought it would be great fun to celebrate with our own Superhero convention.

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“We are hoping for lots of Spidermen, Supermen, Batwomen, Wonder Women or Cat Women to turn up on the day.”

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