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Mr Chris Rainey clearly is ill informed regarding the Atlantic Array: even RWE are fully aware of the serious damage ‘pile driving’ can do to marine mammals.

He then goes on to support another potentially environmentally-damaging proposal, the Severn Barrage. The Marine Conservation Society has warned against the Severn estuary energy project after David Cameron asked for it to be re-visited.

The Government had previously rejected pumping taxpayers’ money into the Bristol Channel scheme, which would cost up to a staggering �34 billion.

Under new proposals, the scheme would be funded privately by investors in Kuwait and Qatar. However, the Marine Conservation Society says environmental concerns are taking a back seat.

Scientists have pointed out that the underwater turbines would make mincemeat of mammals and fish.

On the Westcountry side, sites previously discussed include Bridgwater and Weston-super-Mare. The Marine Conservation Society fears mutilated fish will wash up along huge stretches of coastline and that Somerset beaches including Weston and Brean Sands could end up being strewn with dead fish.

Dr Robert Keirle, the society’s pollution programme manager has also warned that electricity produced will cost up to twice as much as energy produced by other technologies, which would hit household bills and especially those in fuel poverty. The RSPB certainly has always been against this scheme, believing it will have a disastrous impact on wading birds.

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The big companies have not managed to get right even ‘small’ projects like Fullabrook.

Their massive off-shore projects in Germany face huge problems and are currently virtually at a standstill.

Why on earth should we have any confidence in them over this �34 billion project or the proposed Atlantic Array?

Peter Cresswell Chairman

Save our Marine Mammals


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