A Bideford cyclist has shared video footage of the moment he was hit by a passing van.

Tobias Kennedy-Matthews was pedalling to work on Wednesday morning when the red van clipped his handlebars while overtaking him on Heywood Road.

Tobias, 29, said the van didn't stop, despite him trying to get the driver's attention.

"They caught my handle bar so I slapped the van to make them aware he had hit me, but they just drove off. I waved to get their attention but nothing," said Tobias.

"Luckily as it was uphill I was moving fairly slowly and they only just clipped me.

"For the most part people are considerate but I get passed too close as standard.

"I'm used to it now but I've only been on the road on a push bike for a year."

The 29-year-old was wearing a camera, a measure he started taking after being hit by a van overtaking him while he was travelling at 30mph.

Tobias is preparing for a cross-continental bike ride which will see him and his friend Andy Baker cycle from Canterbury to Rome.

The ride will raise money for North Devon mental health charity Clarity, as well as the Lions Barber Collective and Mind.