Villagers want to hear from any drivers involved in a near miss or accident at notorious North Devon Link Road junction.

CAMPAIGNERS for improvements to the notorious West Buckland Link Road junction want to hear from any drivers who have had a near miss there.

People in East and West Buckland are calling for new safety measures at the junction leading to their villages and are compiling a database of accidents and near misses to present to Devon County Council.

“This junction has long been a worry for both our villages,” said Michelle Boyd, chairman of East and West Buckland Parish Council.

“As DCC is now carrying out a review of the Link Road, we are urging them to give serious consideration to this junction. Last December, we had a nasty accident involving an elderly lady from the village.

“In the previous February, an 18-year-old local driver was involved in a horrible crash at the junction and was lucky to survive. As the number of vehicles using the road continues to rise, we think this junction can only get more dangerous.”

The campaigners want county to consider putting lighting or new signage at the junction, or a deceleration lane for vehicles approaching from the Barnstaple direction.

Debbie Loat, who is co-ordinating the West Buckland Junction Campaign, said many local people had horror stories of near misses at the junction.

“Most minor accidents and near misses go unreported, even though these can be very upsetting for those involved, and we want to hear from anyone who has experienced an incident at this junction,” she said.

Campaigners said thanks to help from their district and county councillors, the West Buckland was now on a list of junctions being considered in a DCC review of the Link Road.

Anyone who has been involved in an accident or near miss at the West Buckland junction is asked to email the details to Debbie Loat at