Councillor says residents are fed up with ‘inconsiderate’ parking during restricted school run times

There has been a call for an end to illegal 'rat running' and parking on roads in Newport.

Devon county councillor John Mathews says people are flouting restrictions that prevent parking and entry to Chichester Road between 7.30-9.30am and 3-6pm.

The rules also cover Fortescue Road, Rumsam Road, Clinton Road and Hillcrest.

Mr Mathews was speaking following complaints from residents, who are particularly concerned at the amount of illegal parking in the road by parents during school run times.

He said: "Unless you are going to visit a house there is strictly no access between those times.

"People drive through to get to Landkey Road as a short cut and friends who live here say when the parents come to Park School to pick their kids up the parking is just totally inconsiderate, blocking people's drives and both sides of the road."

A resident who preferred not to be named added: "In my opinion it's an accident waiting to happen, because there's so many cars and kids. Why don't the police do something here and prosecute a couple?"

Mr Mathews said the signs had been in place for years and the parking situation had been bad for some time. He said there had already been verbal confrontations between residents and drivers.

He called on the police to enforce the restrictions and said: "They only need to be here once a month for an hour, the word will get out - issue a few tickets and it will stop.

"What drivers should be doing is going down to the Newport traffic lights then turning up Landkey Road."

Due to the duty roster, the police were unable to provide a response before the Gazette went to press.

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