Burrows problem

With reference to your your article in lastweek’s Gazette (‘Race to halt Burrows erosion’ 07/11/12) I would like to make the following points.

The area under repair is not sand dunes but the edge of the former tip, which used to be many meters further out towards the water.

It is also not four feet high, as my recently published pictures demonstrate. The sand dunes are 200 metres further around the coastline and are totally exposed to the coming high tides, a point I have made to Barry Parsons, the leader of Torridge District Council (TDC), many times including yesterday.

Getting back to the current repair works, this is welcome but is only tinkering with the problem which will need a concerted effort by all the agencies involved to provide strong and lasting defences to this issue. Also, if and when such works are completed, TDC will need to re-instate the bi-annual recharge programme that they abandoned twelve years ago.

Failure to do so will result in all that effort being undermined.

Lastly, Natural England has been very quiet over this issue; when pressed about pebble ridge repairs in the past TDC has always hidden behind Natural England, citing them as refusing to consent to any repair works. How attitudes change when facing a very embarrassing pollution headline they, Torridge, just told Natural England what they were going to do and got on with the job. If only they had heeded warnings in the past and did the same.

I would like to thank the Gazette for publishing the stories about the erosion as without this media interest I know TDC would not have reacted as swiftly as they have.

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Doug Bushby, Bideford

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