Development in Bideford is unanimously approved by councillors after new marina report was submitted.

Councillors have once again given plans for a new development at Brunswick Wharf the green light.

Torridge District Council’s plans committee met in Bideford Town Hall on Thursday to discuss the application, voting unanimously to approve it.

Last week the Gazette revealed the proposals by Oceanside Developments for houses, shops, cafes, open space and a marina had to be re-heard by the committee due to ‘technical anomolies’ with a marina report.

A new report had been submitted.

Councilor Margaret Brown said: “Those of us who heard the first application thought it was very exciting.

“And we still think that; I would like o see it built as soon as possible.”

A planning condition to provide extra CCTV cameras was also agreed, which had previously been subject to Section 106 funding.