Determined would-be thieves broke into South Molton’s Town Hall, but met their match in a stubborn old safe...

A break in at South Molton Town Council has been described as ‘like the Brinks-Mat robbery’.

Overnight on Monday, July 25 thieves broke through the roof of South Molton’s Town Hall building and attacked a large, heavy safe.

Town clerk Andrew Coates said they smashed a cupboard open and pulled the quarter tonne safe off the wall, attempting to cut it open with disc grinders before fleeing empty handed.

It appears they climbed scaffolding outside to gain entry into the building.

Mr Coates said: “It was obviously done by someone that knew the premises, but we were just so fortunate that nothing was taken and very lucky we had an old safe that was virtually indestructible.”

Anyone with information is asked to call police on 101, quoting CR/051200/16.