Brief envisages a cafe culture for town wharf

One of Bideford’s five regeration sites is up for sale as the council hunt for potential developer.

A SITE development brief outlining the opportunities for Brunswick Wharf has been drawn up ready to send to developers.

It is hoped that the East-the-Water site will attract a caf� culture and a new level of sophisticated dining for Bideford.

Peter Quincey, project manager of the joint delivery team, said: “We are also looking to create a town square area opposite the Royal Hotel which we imagine would have restaurants and cafes fronting on to it.

“We hope this will create some real interest in the area and draw people in on a national level.

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“That way we hope when we are out of this current economic climate, which we will be in years to come, developers will see how much Bideford has to offer.”

Cllr Roger Johnson, deputy leader of Torridge District Council, said: “There are a lot of people who have got money to spend and we hope that the finalised development will offer people a lot more choice when dining out.

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“Imagine sitting on a cafe balcony in the summer months watching the sun set over the river; it is such a prime location with so much potential.”

Torridge District Council and the joint delivery team at North Devon+ are seeking developers for the site on a national level in two phases.

The first phase will attract potential developers to express their interest and their ideas will debated and shortlisted by the council.

The shortlisted developers will then submit detailed plans enabling the final candidate to be chosen.

Vanessa Saunders, special projects manager for the council, said: “It is such a special site for Bideford; it is really important that it is optimum in design.”

It is hoped that a developer will be chosen for the site by April.

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