Breaking the cycle

World Vision, a charity I support, has recently launched a report stating that millions of people in West Africa are now living through a permanent food crisis, putting a generation of children at risk of death and disability from malnutrition.

Drought and hunger can be slow, silent destroyers of childhoods and trap communities in a seemingly everlasting hunger cycle. But it is clear there are no quick fixes.

World Vision are trying to break the hunger cycle by working with local governments and communities to put in place long-term plans to help families prepare for the future and running appeals to raise money and awareness.

The money raised in World Vision’s West Africa appeal will help families today, tomorrow and the day after.

I encourage everyone to support their work, find our more and get involved in an attempt to break this deadly hunger cycle.

Doing this before Friday, August 31, will also mean that every pound donated will be matched by the UK government, making every gift go twice as far.

Anthony Collins

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