Braunton Academy did their bit on World Earth day this year by planting a range of trees at their school.

Students from year 7, 8, 9 and even 11s took a break from revision to help contribute to the environment around the school.

As part of World Earth Day, the school joined in with the Global Tree Planting Project, helping the environment by trying to counter the imbalance caused by acts of deforestation.

A variety of trees and hedgerow plants were placed around the academy site, including cherry trees, hawthorn and rowan.

Staff member Diane Popple said she was very proud of how enthusiastic and careful the students had been when digging holes and planting their trees.

She said: “The students will now have the honour of watching these plants grow over the years. They will nurture and care for these plants during their time at Braunton Academy and, hopefully, once they have left, too.”

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